Together We Are Bextino

Bextino is about two lovers of denim, Bex and Tino, coming together to form a label. Together with our denim loving friends around the world, Bextino is part of the fashion rebellion against disposable fast fashion.

We Are Denim Devotees

We embrace the independent, adventurous spirit that lovers of timeless denim fashion pieces appreciate. Our passion for denim means our garments are designed in Italy, made in China for the denim devotees worldwide.

We Admire the Craft

We celebrate the craft of dyeing, weaving and repairing of denim; and the ancient and earthy origins of indigo. We revel in the sartorial tailoring of traditional denim fabrics, details, wash and styling and delight contemporary perspectives on artisanal denim.

We Seek New Perspectives

We delight in exploring and experimenting by examining new dimensions to drive creativity and innovation in our denim work. Through our designs, we adore the duality of the Oriental and the Occidental; and the interplay between permanence and change.

We Are Inspired by the World Around Us

We are inspired by the natural world, architecture, the visual arts, cultural heritage and humanity. We draw strength from a bustling street to the serenity of a forest to empower our imagination to spur our creative processes.

We Respect People & the Planet

We are committed to an equitable, inclusive, tolerant and sustainable world. We value the work required in production, the ingenuity of the designs, the ‘United Nations’ team work behind the label, and the achievements of our industry peers, plus acknowledge the impact that fashion has on the environment.

We Are Dedicated to You

We are dedicated to designing playful workwear and utility wear for everyone regardless of age or gender that can transition from the workplace to late night out. Our style pairs the softer side of masculinity and expressive self-confidence of femininity.

We invite you to be part of our journey and share our passion for a fashion revolution.

Do what you love - love what you do,

The Bextino Team